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Welcome to my crowd-funding initiative! colorful-star

I would like to invite you to buy a mile or 2, or 50 and dedicate that mile/s to an inspirational woman—a woman who has inspired you in your life.

Part of my motivation is to raise funds, but the primary goal is to encourage me to keep rowing on the days when the rowing is really tough. And there will be those days. There may be many. I can’t think of anything more motivating to get me out of my bunk, than rowing in the name of 35-50 women per day – women who have in turn inspired others.

Email me a photograph (if you have one) and pen a quick line as to why this woman has inspired you, because I want to row each and every one of these fabulous women with me across the Pacific Ocean.

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My workout routine includes 'eccentric' hamstring stretches (seriously - that's what the movement's called), which perversely I like because my hamstrings are always tight. Keeping my core stable as I count 5 breaths is easier said than done. I can see from this nano vid that I can improve my form by keeping my ribs down more... which is exactly what my Tokyo coach Travis Johnson has been saying! #yorow #strongisbeautiful #empoweringwomen #ifliacanican ...

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A short and sweet meeting this afternoon with the #yomiurigiants management before the first game of the season kicks off on Friday!!! Yes, I'm up to something and no, I can't tell you yet 😉#yorow #pacificsolo #worldrecordattempt #empoweringwomen #inspiration #ifliacanican ...

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Today I visited a recycling plant like no other - a shining example of #sustainability and #conservation in practice: the Ishizaka Sangyo Co. in Saitama Prefecture. After a great meeting, the CEO Ishizaka-san and her team wanted to feel my arm muscles...and then we felt each other's arm muscles 💪! We laughed a lot! I will be posting more about the Ishizaka company. I was so impressed! #yorow #worldrecordattempt #japantosanfran #empoweringwomen #strongisbeautiful #ifliacanican ...

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