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Too beautiful not to stop for a photograph. Today I am on something of a pilgrimage and waiting for a journalist right now who doesn’t have a mobile phone - remember those days of waiting? Hanging on a street corner at a certain time? #astoria #nofilter ...

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Sods Law of the Sea determined that the first day of rain for months and months was today, today being the day scheduled to spray on the bottom paint!

Thankfully my boat is in a shed (a rare thing in boat yards around here). The shed’s name is Campsite 7 and because I didn’t give the yard my boat’s name, my bill is under “Campsite 7.” Hilariously I may start calling my boat “Campsite 7!”

A quick thank you - Julio, you are a true artist! Your spray work is to die for. Primer on, a light sanding by me next, then top coat. A second big thank you to @ewanoleary for his boat yard assistance and good humour in dispensing it!

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