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Many many many many thanks 🙂

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What I like about living on a houseboat in Sausalito, is how the water gets reflected through the windows #lovewhereyoulive #yorowtraining #liacanican #pacificsolo #worldrecordattempt ...

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RED FLAG!!! I'm starting to guess what these mean... Yesterday Ruihan's tracker caught him doing 15.33 km/hr (8.28 knots) and I thought uh-oh. Word from the boat is that the waves are 22+ ft (love the specificity of this) and that he got "flipped over once". This morning his friend Shuping managed to establish that Ruihan suffered some facial cuts, but wants to continue. Unless he brought medical supplies from China, we believe he does not have medical supplies onboard. Hopefully he has a roll of duct tape if nothing else. #nextstopchina #oceanrowing #pacificsolo #worldrecordattempt ...

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