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To date only 2 people have successfully rowed solo
across the North Pacific Ocean.

December 2015, Lia visualized being alone in an ocean rowing boat in typhoon-winds and roaring waves. Again and again Lia visualized what she would do, how she would cope.

“I am going to row, solo and unsupported across the North Pacific Ocean,” Lia told friends in January 2016. Lia was hesitant to vocalize her big ambition, but succeed or fail, the worst thing she decided was not to try.

Departing in early 2018, Lia will attempt to row some 5,000 nautical miles alone from Japan to San Francisco.

Lia’s boat is 21ft long and will be packed with 6 months worth of food (although we seriously hope it won’t take that long).

The closest human beings will be 90 miles overhead in the International Space Station.

Lia must take everything with her that she needs to survive.

40-foot seas, 60-knot winds, whales, dolphins and sharks – there is nothing pacific about the Pacific. The Pacific Ocean is arguably the hardest and wildest stretch of ocean in the world.

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The rescueME EDF1 electronic distress flare by #oceansignal is by far the sexiest marine electronics device I've ever seen! I can't decide if it belongs in #starwars7 or #thematrix! #possibleteleportationdevice #sexymarineelectronics #safetyatsea #dontgotoseawithoutoceansignal. Thanks to Ocean Signal and @saltwater_stone ...

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Pelicans!!! A whole community of them were sitting along the harbour wall when I came in from my row. #seabirds #bayareawildlife #sfyc #yorow #birdneighbors #yorowtraining #pacificsolo2018 #worldrecordattempt ...

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Thanks to #filenei3 for inviting me to tell my story at their annual conference on innovation! A couple of firsts for me: taking the stage at an outdoor conference; needing to wear 😎 and getting a tan while giving a presentation!!! Thanks to @trustdotcoop for the photo. #yorow #pacificsolo2018 #worldrecordattempt #londonspeakerbureau ...

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